Summer Dinner Party Table Setting


We had some friends over for dinner in France (which is quite a rare feat!) and so mum and I got excited about setting the table. We are quite short of a lot of things down here so it's probably not as nice as we could have made it look back in Brussels, also the cutlery is ugly but I like how it shaped up and wanted to share some images with you.

The graphic and modern scandic style table cloth clashed nicely with traditional and girly floral old side-plates.

We used plates from the same set but clashed the prints on them to make things less 'matchy-matchy' - you may have noticed that we are not a huge fan of extreme coordination in my family!

The glasses are an olive green and gold decorated tumblers that I believe we thrifted by my mum a whilee back.

The crystal wine glasses are thrifted too - sometime we just walk down the row of glasses flicking them and seeing if they ping!

I think the whole vibe was quite playful which was nice, and super colourful. It was definitely lacking a centre piece, but I would probably have suggested the dead taxidermy ferret, so perhaps it's best that we stayed away!

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