OOTD: Zara Plant Shirt


I bought this Zara Man shirt a while ago for Aled from a car boot sale for £3, but he didn't like it so I decided to confiscate it, I love the print and I'm not bothered about wearing or shopping for things in the men's section, and I didn't want to see it go to waste or sell it on eBay for pennies!

Everytime I go to Zara now I also check out the men's section, and if you can walk past the lame, fake leather T-shirt dresses and 'wannabe Kanye' pieces as I call them, you can find some really wearable t-shirts for women too. Zara don't shy away from print for either gender, so it's definitely worth taking a look at the men's section, even for florals.

The lipstick is KIKO Milano Crystal Sheer glossy lipstick, but I ca't find the specific shade on the packaging for the life of me! But I wholly recommend the brand in general - there are more KIKO shops springing up around the UK as well, despite an already established presence in Europe.

It's obviously pretty loose, but I wore it with a tight suede vintage 90s skirt and a ribbed pale blue Topshop shirt that my housemate Lily gave me. I think the blue works because of the blue tones on the shirt that are obvious in the close-up below.

Yes, the shoes are ridiculous. No, I don't really wear them out - they were an impulse buy in the ASOS sale but I can't fault them for how long and lithe they make my legs look (merely an illusion I can assure you!)

PS. How good is Aled's new flat for photos? There's huge white walls everywhere because they haven't properly moved in yet, and there's about 6 windows in the living area alone! So much light!

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