OOTD: SheInside Floral Sundress


I've already worn this sundress to a wedding but I didn't get any decent photos of the outfit - and I feel like now I can wear it on an everyday basis as it's had it's 'grand moment.' This dress is from SheInside and, let's face it, a total D&G rip off. 

I've had only good experiences with the website - if you expect the print to be slightly less good quality than the images would suggest - it's a very good site to get catwalk rip offs.

This dress is from my favourite D&G collection, the one that was inspired by the Tuscan riviera, so I have been totally thrilled with it. It's gorgeous and fits me perfectly (I take an M because it's a chinese site, so if you're ordering make sure you pick a size up!) and always gets a lot of compliments.

I wore this necklace with it which was one that mum handed to me. It is handmade and made of paper, folded into what looks like flowers and leaves. Not my usual style, a bit too grannyish, but I have to admit it looked cute with the dress.

No make-up today - too hot to wear foundation!

My 5€ Chanel sunglasses get frequent outings. They are still one of my best ever thrift buys!

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