OOTD: Impressionist Dress


As I've said before the climate and lifestyle in France lends itself to a more colourful but relaxed dress sense, with most people walking round in sundresses and floral prints - it's also liberating to be able to go out of the house in anything and not be catcalled or judged as you would in London or Brussels.

So today I wore this impressionist print dress, which is originally from Wallis but I bought off eBay for about £5 a couple of years ago. It's not silk, it's just a maxi dress with a ruffled neckline that fits semi-loosely, and I just loved the painting print specifically at the top of the dress as it reminded me of the Impressionists and Monet. It seemed very fitting for a sunny french afternoon.

Please ignore the shoes again, I need to really increase my selection down here.

I wore this vintage 1980s necklace with it too as the pale blue complemented the more vibrant colours quite nicely, as well as my beetle-y turquoise nail polish.

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