My Thrifted French Jewelry Box


I know it seems ridiculous to have a french wardrobe and french jewelry box etc. but what you have to bear in mind is - when you spend as little as I do on things like jewelry and clothes, you can have a lot of things for very little! this is why i have such a high volume of stuff, and I honestly wouldn't change it for the world. I think creative and visual people find a lot of joy in having beautiful things that goes beyond the materialism of buying luxury brands and status symbols, and so I never want to apologise for loving all my stuff, though it can be a nuisance.

I keep my jewelry in France in a little vintage fabric covered box. I don't have a lot down here, but I tried to choose things that connected more with the 'country' lifestyle than what I currently have in Brussels.

This necklace is probably the oldest (in terms of when I bought it, not vintage!) as I bought it at a street market in Istanbul when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old. It's a string necklace with pieces of coloured shell and feathers and beads on it, so it's basically a visual overload. I kind of love how garish it looks with this dress.

This is my other pair of sunglasses I keep down here, aside from my trusty tortoishell Chanels. They are vintage and not a brand that I know, but I think my Chanel ones suit my face more. These are slightly too large for me.

This gorgeous cameo was a gift from my mother. I'm afraid I didn't manage to get a great photograph of it because I got the focus wrong :( But it's got a brooch pin on the back so it can be worn pinned to something or as a dainty necklace.

This puss-in-boots brooch needs no explanation. 
It is just rather excellent.

This was a ring I bought for €1 at a car boot sale round here, it's very traditional but a good classic piece. It does make me wince to see gold and silver next to each other but I never ever take off my opal trilogy ring!

Al got me this ring from the sale in Accessorize in St Pancras, it was only 2 quid! It's a lot nicer IRL because the moonstone style gem in the middle comes out a lot more multifaceted. 

I bought this ring for €2-3 (I can't remember exactly) from a car boot sale locally and I was just intrigued by how quirky it was. I'm guessing this piece is homemade as it looks quite crudely done, but I thought the mother of pearl was eye catching and thought it would look great with an all black outfit as a statement piece.

This ring was an import from Brussels - I feel like my stuff in France has a much more natural vibe, so this flower shape seemed to fit in well.

Following on from my flower costume jewelry ring, this semi precious stone and silver ring seemed appropriate for my french collection  because it's quite bohemian, which is a much more favoured look around here than in big cities (logical really!)

Mum bought me this fake pearl ring in Brussels and I absolutely love it. it's so simple but it's beautifully made and so versatile in terms of colour that I think I will wear it a lot.

I really have a penchant for charm bracelets but I rarely wear them as I always feel like they don't get enough attention paid to them. This piece, however, is so chunky and eye catching that I definitely intend to wear it when I'm in the countryside. It reminds me of genie lamps and Moroccan jewelry!

This snazzy pendant is perhaps not too bohemian but I thought the gold and turquoise combination would match very well with some of my sundresses. I just need to find a small enough gold chain to thread it on!

This necklace is really heavy and a gorgeous cream colour that would go with almost any outfit. Again, more hippie than my usual stuff but down here it seems appropriate.

This 1980s resin blue necklace is quite simple but the colours reminded me of the cloudless skies we get so often down here. It's going to be thrown over some garish prints as a toned down accessory addition.

This retro plastic necklace had a delicate colour palette that I felt really suited the french backdrop and a lot of my ultra feminine clothes down here.

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