Mini Thrift Haul: Terre et Soleil


Bought these two vintage tins for Aled as a gift - I know, what a lucky guy?? But anyway, Aled liks the industrial and loft living style, and these vintage tins are often sold in shops at huge prices because they're authentic, fairly easy to come by, but look really cool on a shelf anyway. One of these is 'hunting powder' and the other is an old cigar box that is now full of matches. I really love them anyway so if he doesn't I'll just keep them. Vintage packaging is just so much nicer than our modern equivalents.

This little teacup tin was just one of those utterly useless but 'oh god it's 1 euro and just sort of cute and would match my bedside table' moments. I'm not proud. It's not even old.

The buy of the day though was this adorable 1960s vintage dress, which I got for just 4 euros! It happened to fit perfectly despite not having tried it on. The little cape is just the cutest, but I'll leave it down in France - it's a bit much for city life I think and I can't imagine the geordies would be particularly impressed with how 'Little House On The Prairie' it looks!

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