French Interiors: Living Room


Today I have decided to share with you some details of the interiors of our new living room. Now, it's mainly my mum  who has styled this (okay, 90% mum and 10% of leniency and 'overlooking poor aesthetic choices' for other family members) but I think it's shaping up beautifully. 

It's quite a retro themed room, with a lot of the stuff in it being quite 1930s. The general colour palette is neutrals with small splashes of colour, as you can see. Most of the stuff in this room is thrifted, from Brussels or locally in Charente.

This sketch reminds me of a shocked Jesus and looks like something out of Life of Brian.

Because everyone needs a beautiful hand painted jug to put their screw drivers and felt tips in.

Vintage floral pillows are the cutest.

This statue is probably my favourite piece in the living room, as you can see, she has been appropriated and used as a hat stand.

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