French Bedroom Tour So Far Part 2


I said a couple of posts back that I hadn't managed to get decent photographs of all the things in my room, so here's the follow-up post with some better images and some new little details from my bedroom in France.

When I was offered this massive easel for my room I had to take it. After all, isn't a house in the countryside made for painting? Although I haven't had the chance to use it for it's intended purpose yet (this is only my second week down in the house!) it has become a very useful stand for miscellaneous paper bits and bobs, including this uninspired drawing I did when I was 14 and some postcards.

As you can see, my hi-fi system needs streamlining...

Mum found these Pip Studio mugs at a car boot sale for a fraction of the retail price. 

Double Zara Home duvet time! I will never shop anywhere else for my bedding. The colours and prints are by far the best value on the high street for things that look really high end.

We bought the lantern pillows a while back from a car boot sale, I think their toned down colour pallette works well with the french rustic look.

Mum made me this temporary headboard from some cushions - I saw a completely white fluffy fake fur covered one in a shop near here that I'm hoping will be the final choice!

Vintage tins are so useless but so pretty. The story of my love of STUFF.

My favourite plate. The colours are just too good.

Absolutely love this pony skin mini rug in the shape of a card. I have it on the floor in front of my paintings, that are just propped up under my window for the moment.

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