Fort Jaco Brocante Birthday Haul


I dragged Aled out at 8am the morning before my birthday to get to a HUGE car boot sale down in Uccle because it was SO fruitful last year (sadly before I was blogging so I can't link back to a haul!) but this year it wasn't as good - the prices were far too high and I actually spent more than I would have because I felt like after we made the effort to get up I had to make the most of the trip.

Zara top: 5 euros
This Zara top WAS expensive but I really liked the prints and just decided AH WHATEVER, I made it here so I may as well SPEND! It's from the W&B collection which I haven't heard of before, any ideas what that is?

Zara jumper: 4 euros
This jumper is so cool, I think it is meant to be faded. Definitely a Newcastle piece, with black skinny jeans I think it will look great.

Diesel t-shirt: 8 euros
Aled treated me to this - I hoped he might want to wear it! But I think I will keep it as pyjamas or a 'comfy' t-shirt. It is Diesel so probably cost quite a lot new and it's in very good condition. But I can't bear to sell it on.

Zara furry sweater: 4 euros
I'm definitely taking this jumper up north with me, I'll need it! Another Zara W&B collection piece, with fur down the sleeves. I thought it was actually quite high end looking, and could definitely be from COS or Whistles.

Statement necklace: 50 cents
This was another bargain but I did realise when I got home that it's missing one bead. No matter, I'll pair it with a black t-shirt and printed hippy print trousers.

Silver cuff: 3 euros
This is a handmade silver (colour, not metal sadly!) cuff and I thought it was so unusual and different! I consider this a real bargain at 3 euros, I think I will wear it a lot and it will look so eye catching with an all black outfit.

Ichi trousers: 5 euros
The only full length picture I took of these didn't come out, but I'll be doing an outfit post of them soon! They are so comfortable, and from a brilliant Belgian brand called Ichi that's particularly good at colourful prints.

Mme Gres: 4 euros
Mum found this Gres scarf, it's going to be resold as it's a fantastic brand and in perfect condition.

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