Birthday Haul: Bric-A-Brac


Of course I find 'birthday hauls' to be obnoxious - but bear with me on this one. When you buy second hand, as our family has always done and WILL always do - you're essentially paying peanuts for things. You can turn your nose up at giving someone hand gifts, but I am very grateful to be receiving things that yes, may be recycled, but are unique, interesting and were total bargains compared to their original retail price!

So anyway now that I have got that disclaimer out the way, here are the little miscellaneous bits and bobs I received.

This little skull is from the Musee La Piscine, Roubaix gift shop. It was apparently a gorgeous museum and I am desperate to go after seeing my parent's pictures of it.

I always love a vintage brooch, and this 1960s floral one is more stand-out and quirky than most. I'll probably pin it on a plain jacket lapel to liven it up.

These gloves are one of the coolest and most unsuaul fashion accessories I have ever received. They are driving gloves with the print of a flapper girl and a cheetah in a sort of cameo style frame on them. They will almost make learning how to drive worthwhile!

Despite not being religious, I love devotional art. Must be all those churches I was dragged to when I was younger! This little Lourdes souvenir is going to go on my mantelpiece on of these days.

You could be forgiven for thinking these were little vintage fashion prints, but they are in fact handkerchiefs! I'm not sure how anyone could bear to actually blow their nose in them, so I'm keeping them in packaging and displaying them as the artworks that they are instead!

A Dumpling Dynasty purse - I always get gifted stuff from this brand and I'm always thrilled because I love the vintage style graphics inspired by South East Asia.

Another piece from La Piscine featuring illustrations from french artist
NATHALIE LÉTÉ, which I thought could easily be found in Zara Home. It's plastic and durable so is heading up to Newcastle with me!

Mum bought me these signed clip on earrings that are really different. They reminded me a bit of dinosaur eggs, but I like how strange and peculiar they are. I'm going to do some research on the name and see what period they are - I'm guessing probably mid to late 1980s!

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