Birthday Haul: Books


I always get lots of lovely books for my birthday and this year was no exception. Mum managed to find me some more of the Taschen Icons series that I collect at the second hand books shops in Brussels. This 'California, Here I Come' one has so many amazing vintage graphics. They're a great set of books to have for quick, on hand visual inspiration. The retro travel posters are so inspiring.

This 'Extraordinary Objects' Icon book is less visual, and has more background information in writing to what it features.

A vintage book - There had to be one! This is all about identifying eras, customization and essentially how to make the most of vintage shopping. Always useful for reference!

This is one of the only novels I received this year (I'm going through a big non-fiction phase at the moment) but it looks really interesting. I haven't read any Siri Hustvedt before, so I'm anticipating seeing how I find her as an author.

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