To Vlog or Not To Vlog?


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Vlogging is often seen as something that people either love or hate.

I don't find that this is the case for me; I go through periods of obsessively watching thrift hauls and make-up tutorials, then will leave Youtube untouched except for music videos for months on end.

To be honest I have still not made my mind up about vlogging and, most importantly, vloggers.

I realise the influence that vloggers have in the social media sphere and in the intersection between amateur media and commerce that is increasingly popular (think sponsered product reviews, haul videos from specific shops/sites etc.) BUT there's a serious case of standardisation when it comes to video formats that makes vlogging look a little tired and dull. (ie. "Boyfriend Does My Makeup!")

I have been wondering recently if vlogging will increase my audience and open up another future revenue stream - I would probably stick primarily to Thrift hauls but if I start to really let my mind wonder I can think of a tonne of different video concepts that I would love to execute.

The obvious issues are

- Space: In my little student room, the space to properly set up a tripod and camera is limited.
- Time: Shooting and editing videos is more time consuming than photography, and I have less experience in this area

SO perhaps I should create a trial video when I am set up in Newcastle and see how it goes before making a firm decision?

What are your thoughts - by vlogging, do I just make myself indistinguishable from the multitudes of lifestyle b/vloggers for whom the internet is truly a way of life, or do I open up a new audience and new exciting content opportunities? 

So what do we think - to vlog or not to vlog?

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