Sleap Airfield


Guess what we did when we had a spare day? That's right, we did something airplane-based! To be honest I was curious to have a close up look at light aircraft flying around, I was hoping it would inform my decision on whether I would actually ever go up in one (I am not a very good flyer). So we headed an hour down the road to Sleap Airfield, which has a little cafe on the side, and just took a couple of pictures and watched some aerobatics in action.

The other thing that was there was the Wartime Aircraft Recovery Museum - essentially a building dedicated to housing all the debris uncovered in the aftermath of wartime plane crashes... So basically, exactly what you want to see as the girlfriend of a pilot...

Obviously I'm not an aviation expert (only by association!) so I can't appropriately caption anything, but do enjoy this purely visual photographic experience of Sleap Airfield (oh, and try and contain your excitement!)

Part 2 with more pictures (mainly of sky...) coming soon!

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