OOTD: My 21st Birthday


A quick outfit post for my 21st birthday before we went out! I used my garden which, admittedly is not as photogenic as my bedroom in France but you get the idea of what I wore. I actually ended up stealing one of mum's dresses (errr, I mean borrowing...) because I realised that all my loose, light sundresses are down in France and I only have long sleeved quite clingy things here in Brussels.

My everyday make-up look, with a pared down collection of what I managed to bring over to Brussels in my limited Eurostar luggage!

The dress is Fenn Wright Manson, a quite expensive label, but I think mum bought it second hand somewhere.

My bracelet is J. Crew, but I bought it at Fort Jaco for just 1 Euro! I thought it matched very well.

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