OOTD: Matisse Print Dress


For my second day down in France I had to wear this dress. Mum handed it down to me, saying it was 'too young' for her, which I disagree with - but I wasn't about to protest because I love it and am very happy that it is now residing in my wardrobe.

The dress is cotton, A-line full skirt with a colourful Matisse inspired print all over it. It has a scoop neck and short sleeves, and can be tied tighter at the back with a bow so you can change the silhouette from loose to fitted if you want to. 

it's a vintage piece but probably only from the 1990s, and I' m guessing mum sourced it from a car boot sale or maybe from one of the vintage shops back in Brussels.

Accessory-wise I kept it simple - one tropical wooden parrot earring that I bought before I even had my ears pierced (probably to try and convince my mum to let me get them done when I was 10) and a beautiful vintage enamel bracelet with a stork motif (god knows what era etc.)

I didn't wear any foundation today as you can see, because my skin tends to suffer from long journeys and broke out after our overnight car trip down. As you can see, I haven't edited my spots out, and that's because I'm not out to try and look perfect, I just want to share all my wonderful cheap vintage clothes with those who are interested.

I had to sling on a jacket that I wasn't intending to because the weather took a turn for the worse, so I popped this pale green 1€ linen beauty on and it kept me warm enough to stand the breeze.

My shoes were just some Hot Tuna (or Hottuna? Maybe? I prefer Hot Tuna) leather clogs that I bought last time I was down here at a car boot sale for just €3! I failed to get a decent photograph of them however...

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