OOTD: Double Florals for Summer


Every fashion (or in my case, ex-fashion) student knows that 'florals for spring' are a thing. But florals can be made less predictable when you wear a tonne of them at once. For my first day in Chateauneuf I wore a tiered floral dress that I bought a while back at a local charity shop for something ridiculous like 3 euros.

The outfit is pretty thrown together but I needed to look decent because we ate out tonight. I'm hoping I can get some nice outfit shots of mum tomorrow if we have time to mess around in our wardrobe!

The detail that I love about this jacket is the rectangular pink plastic buttons, they just save it from being too granny!

Please ignore the state of my toenails, I have not managed to paint them for a while. The shoes were just some of mum's mules that I nicked, I don't have a huge shoe collection down here at the moment and have to make do.

My mother's engagement ring that she gave me last Christmas. Definitely the favourite and most precious thing that I own,

Wearing KIKO lipstick and trying to disguise the fact that we got in at 4.30am this morning. 

I also wore this vintage enamel floral ring and a costume jewelry piece that sort of looks like a flower (right guys?) but I had to hide my appalling nails from the shot because I didn't manage to get any acrylics done before I came to Brussels :'(

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