Jackalope Land X Silvija Vil


I Shot the enchanting Samantha Wilson (creator of the amazing costumes and crazy colourful high fashion of Jackalopeland) and vlogger and make-up queen Silvija Vil the other day and though I would share some pictures with you as a preview. I will be using these for my uni project (which is basically refining the concept of Babe Bible and executing it as a proper stand-alone online shop!)

I know that at the moment Babe Bible purely stocks vintage, but when we branch out into independent designer, Samantha's door is one of the first I would come knocking on. Let me know what you think of the images!

Make-up by Slvija VIl

Styling by Naddy Sane
Clothes by Jackalope Land
Models: Silvija Vil and Samantha Wilson

Lou X

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