Is It Worth Doing A Remote Internship?


"What on earth is a remote internship?!" I hear you cry... Well, it's an internship that is carried out at a distance.

This means that you don't have to make the commitment of going to the same office or location every day. The format of the remote internship is generally a more informal arrangement, that fits better around a lifestyle where you are, for example, always travelling (that's me!) or studying or working alongside your internship (also me!).

Internships are still very valuable as companies increasingly prioritize individuals with practical experience in their chosen field. Anyone who HAS interned knows that sometimes, you can get a raw deal. Much of the time you end up working for free, without even lunch and travel costs reimbursed. 

HOWEVER, the remote internship overcomes these issues and for many, is a far more viable option.


  • Ideal for those wanting to go into social media management, you can do everything to help your company create engaging content for it's social media channels with just an internet connection.
  • You make contacts, even just via email, and you never know how valuable these will turn out to be in future.
  • You can dedicate as little or as much time as you like to it. I like to work online on either this blog, or Estilistas or Luja Home, which I write for when I have a spare morning or afternoon. It's something I can do that feels productive towards my future, that I still find enjoyable, and that is a lot less stressful than the traditional unpaid internship.


  • You can only be 'hands-on' to a certain extent. You may still meet with individuals who run the company, but on an infrequent informal basis, so how the office runs as a day-to-day operation remains a mystery. 
  • Of course there is always the argument that you should never work for free, but having just finished a Bachelors degree in a creative field, I can tell you for a fact that all my peers and my tutors have worked unpaid at some point in their lives before they began to capitalise financially on their creative skills.

TO CONCLUDE, remote internships are worth considering for those interested in the digital marketing, blogging side of business. They may also be a useful way of building up a portfolio of online work that is far more cost effective and realistic than a 'physical' unpaid or low-paid internship.

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