How To Create A Relaxation Space That Works For You


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How to Create A Relaxation Space That Works for You

It’s easy to forget to relax these days - from being connected to our smartphones 24/7 to having an ever-updating to-do list, most people underestimate the value of having a relaxing area in their home to wind down in. Having somewhere to chill out don’t have to be as literal as a zen garden, and require little to no budget to achieve, so read on to find out how you can create your relaxation space in a couple of easy steps!

How to create a relaxation space that works for you

  1. Choose A Cosy Space
Think cushions, soft lighting, and big comfy blankets for winter! You want a space that feels warm and inviting rather than sterile, that you can picture on your commute back from work and anticipate coming home to. Luja Home has a selection of Moroccan Lanterns that bathe a room in a soft, dappled light for a stunningly serene effect.
How to create a relaxation space that works for you

  1. Don’t Let The Clutter Police Interfere
Choose an area of your home or apartment that can freely become messy without hindering day-to-day life. This takes away the constant worry of having to tidy up and not get in anybody’s way. Living rooms and bedrooms make ideal spaces for a little corner that could be used for reading, or lying back and listening to some vinyl records.

How to create a relaxation space that works for you

     3. Keep It Personal
Whether your hobby is relaxing by nature (such as reading, meditating, writing a blog etc.) or adrenaline packed, make sure you have reminders of it in your relaxation space. If your hobby is writing, keep a pen and notebook nearby, if it’s skydiving, cover the walls in pictures of past days out - make it unmistakably YOURS.

How to create a relaxation space that works for you

      4. Keep A Bookcase Nearby
One of the best ways to wind down (especially before going to bed) is reading. This past-time is being forgotten as TVs replace pages, but with many studies linking our increased reliance on technology and social media to stress, it might be an idea to put your phone on Flight mode, and kick back with a book. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll get through a page turner. Check out Luja Home’s selection of bookcases here to find one that fits your personal style!

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