French Bedroom Tour So Far


So thus far I have spent very little time at our new place down in western France, about one week maximum at the start of summer in fact. I'm down now for another week which will be the last time I make it down until new year (or possibly even later) so I wanted to share how my room was shaping up in terms of decoration.

It's the first room I've really had the chance to decorate from scratch, and to be honest, 90% of the stuff in it are things from Brussels that we already had and just bought down. This doesn't mean it's not fun to arrange things - and as ever, as a family we are always on the look out in Antiques shops and 'vide greniers' (ie. French car boot sales) for beautiful things to add on.

I took more pictures than this but realised too late that they were on a bad setting, so more details of my room will come over the next few days!

My personal favourites are the mantelpiece (first image) and the owl lamp (last image!) and as you can see my wardrobe is quickly filling up with pretty vintage florals and summer dresses... I think I need to lay off on the clothes buying for a while and think about what on earth I could wear here during winter!

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