Denicheur de Caverne Mini Jewelry Haul


I managed to track down the address of the Denicheur De Caverne (in English, rough translation, The Basement Pillagers) while we had lunch, and I remembered it was a good antiques shop from my last haul there and the cute things I managed to find for Al as well. So off we set - I wouldn't call it as successful a trip as last time, but I did get some nice vintage costume jewelry that will probably all be for resale in future.

It's a small haul but the jewelry is all in good nick and quite heavy, which is a big indicator of quality for costume jewelry. 

3 Costume Jewelry Brooches - €2 each
All unsigned but heavy, and the duck has all his stones in tact. Hoping to sell the lion and the duck, but I may keep the panther for myself as it's quite a classic vintage style of brooch.

Costume jewelry gold earrings - €2 each
I'm tempted to keep all three of these earrings, even though they are clip ons. I thought the parrots were very 'Lacroix' inspired and the delicate leaf and acorn ones look far more expensive than they were!

Again, please excuse the state of my skin and my chapped lips! Life is sometimes too short to slowly die in melting foundation.

The last thing I bought that mum actually spotted was this plastic striped cat ornament. It's going to be my grandma's birthday present because she adores cats and it's hard to buy for older people as they already have everything they need! Anyway I think he's adorable.

Total spend: 15 EUR

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