12 Things I learned in my 21st Year On Earth


  • Don't take your health for granted

Seriously, you may be an otherwise healthy 20 year old, but things can always go wrong. These things often cannot be helped, but you will really learn the value of your health if something does go wrong.

  • Don't take anything for granted, for that matter
Self explanatory, really!

  • Things generally come together

At the start of the year, I was single, lonely and ill. By March I was happily in a relationship, on the road to recovery and experiencing the excitement of being with a new person who I now can't imagine being without!

  • No matter how hard you work, sometimes people won't appreciate the effort

I was SO inconsolably upset when I finished my degree with a 2:2. BUT then I was reminded by my family and friends that I finished my degree in a panicked rush after my lung collapse and was recuperating and getting used to living alone again and to be honest, I realise that doing that alone is an achievement.

  • Tinder is great

Not just for weirdos, it turns out. Just a genuinely easy way to meet people for those who otherwise might struggle to. For example, I was an art student and rarely came into contact with men, and my boyfriend was travelling a lot for work and rarely had the time to meet girls out and about.

  • Blogging is really fun, if you do it right

I stopped viewing blogging as a chore and started to see it as a challenge around about March time. Since then I have only enjoyed it more and more, and I am now addicted to reading other blogs about... blogging written by bloggers. Guess what? As soon as I stopped worrying about being 'good' and Adsense and blahblah, the views upped and my account was approved.

  • London has changed me for the better

I think it's a beneficial experience to live somewhere you hate. It makes you consider what you really want from life. I'm also happy to get living in London out of the way during my student years, so I didn't move here for a job and find out I didn't like it when it was already too late.

  • Bachelors degrees don't have to be the end of academia

I felt like my BA was the be all and end all, until I got onto my MA by the skin of my teeth. And I'm so glad I did!

  • Also, what you get in your degree is pretty irrelevant

Being accepted into a Russell Group uni for a postgraduate degree with a 2:2 in FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY.... yeah, it made me realise that actually grades aren't terribly important. Naturally I wish I had done better, but that's just life!

  • When you go from red hair to blonde, just pay for a bloody hairdresser

I had an ‘orange moment’ until I rectified it by dumping brown hair dye all over myself in a panic. It turned out well though and I love the result!

  • I need to downsize

Moving has been such a hassle this time (once again) that I realise I need to learn to get rid of more stuff and shift my vintage stock faster. it’s just been difficult to keep up my resale consistently with how much I have been moving around!

  • Distances are irrelevant in friendships

True friendships are ‘I haven’t spoken to you in 7 months, but when we do finally have a chance to see each other, it’s like nothing has changed.'

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