Why I Chose to Take a Post-Grad Degree



You may be at the awkward intersection between University and The Real World, that horrible, cut-throat place that adults tell you about, and not know what to do with yourself - you may be wondering if another year of studying is TRULY what you want? I've underlined my reasons for taking a postgraduate level degree below in the hope it can guide you to a decision.

I am lucky enough to have the means
As many of you studying in the UK probably already know, there are no maintenance grants  or government loans available for post-graduate study. There is the possibility of seeking private finance from a bank at a high interest rate, or even the opportunity to apply for scholarships - but these may not always be available to those achieving lower grades. I am lucky enough to have the personal means to pursue postgraduate study, so made the choice to go ahead with it.

I regretted the subject choice of my first degree
My bachelors degree was in Fashion Photography. The entire experience of it put me off my initial dram of being a freelance fashion photogrpher. I didn't feel this subject was adequately preparing me for working in the creative industries, apart from for this very specific freelance model. I wanted to gain a better understanding of business theory and practise by going ahead with this Masters and compensate for the past three years where my education has been purely focused on visual arts, with very little academic theory tacked onto it.

I believe it will give me more specific skills and knowledge
As mentioned above, I hope that this course will provide me with more specific knowledge that will allow me to enter the creative industries as a competent, qualified and confident individual. Whilst I still don't have a 'specific job role' in my mind that I am working towards, I know that doing this MA will prepare me to approach a range of entry-level roles, from marketing to social media management.

I believe it will boost my employability
It has to be said: almost everyone has a Bachelors degree these days, and as a consequence they are becoming devalued in the eyes on employers. I see doing a Masters degree as my chance to place myself in a smaller pool of applicants who have postgraduate qualifications, so there will be slightly less competition. This is perhaps naive, but anything to add to a CV from an educational establishment can only be a positive thing in my opinion!

I love studying
I trul enjoy the process of learning and being a student. Writing notes is therapeutic to me, gaining knowledge excites me. I wouldn't advice postgraduate study for those who are indifferent to Uni and the challenges it presents. If you hold the educational experience in high esteem though, go for it! 

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