To Llangollen & Back


The other day Aled and I took a trip up to North Wales to dog-and-house-sit (see dog below; very cute) and we drove up to Llangollen for a look around. I'm prejudiced towards wales because I immediately associate it with such delights as Newport, which is unfair, because as you will see from the images below it's really beautiful and scenic.

Jessie the doggie!

Horseshoe falls near Llangollen

The village of Llangollen decorated with bunting and European flags (two of my favourite things.) I don't have a picture but we also bought some delicious welsh fudge. They had particularly funky flavours, so we bought some Malteser, peanut butter cup and amaretto bars. They're so sweet and rich that one week on I still have some left D:

Before our night out in Chester. We just about made it home alive.

Had to snap a picture of this article in GQ. Belgian cuisine isn't that bad guys, what on earth is bad about steak and chips?!

As is always the case in a moving car, good photos were hard to take, particularly on my slow moving iphone, but these were taken on the drive down to Llangollen and give you an idea of how stunning and green (very green) the landscape was.

Now also the proud (?) owner of some UGG slippers. I'm sure I'll be very pleased to have them come winter, and you have to appreciate the snazzy colour...

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