Life Update: My Masters Degree!


Photo: One of our favourite features from our London home is this paper skeleton that was entirely handmade by my uber talented housemates Amy & Katy. They literally cut this out of paper themselves! Needless to say they have the patience and perfectionism that I was never blessed with.

This is a quick personal post to let you all know where I am headed these next few months. Currently I am still living in London, but spending a lot of time in the Birmingham suburbs with my wonderful boyfriend who works at the airport. My 'graduation' was on the 15th of July but I chose to not attend, mainly because I found it abhorrent that the University was asking for a disproportionate amount of money for both tickets and renting robes!

So my Fashion Photography Bachelors Degree and my Fashion Photography & Styling Foundation Diploma have come to an end in three years and I am finally able to move out of London. I applied to some Masters degree based in England not so long ago, in May, and I was lucky enough to be offered a place at the University of Newcastle for their MA Business, Arts & Creativity course.

I am really excited about this postgraduate degree because it combines my two favourite things: Entrepreneurship and the Creative Industries. I have never pictured myself working in a purely business environment and so this seemed like the obvious solution to satisfying my love of art, fashion and technology as well as my passion for enterprise.

I will be moving up to Newcastle after a short stint in Windsor living with my boyfriend (Only two weeks!) in September and I honestly cannot wait. I have never been to Newcastle but I doubt I could dislike living anywhere as much as I detested living in central London.

So I'm currently looking at moving into private student halls if possible (the benefits of living somewhere that's specifically created for students are many and include: security, private parking, dedicated maintenance teams who are more reliable than external handymen hired by private landlords etc.) and on Sunday I will go up for one overnight just to get a feel for the place and potentially book some viewings as well!

So keep an eye out on here to see how we get on with flat hunting, and most importantly, wish me luck!

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