IWM: The Artifacts


This following post is mainly photography oriented, as I didn't take notes on many of the artefacts in the collection at the IWM, but was more enjoying browsing. I don't wish to mislabel or misrepresent anything, so there'll be the odd comment here and there rather than specific labelling of these images!

Obviously the museum is a low-light environment which significantly affects the ability to take sharp, clear photos as I had to hike the ISO count up, but you still get a feel for the vibe and I actually think the darkness makes a quite fitting backdrop to these artefacts that have been through so much, all over the globe.

Probably one of my favourite exhibits were these Jacqmar silk scarves inspired by World War II. Deceptively colourful and cheery, they really distilled a spirit of optimism and were often used to decorate protective headgear worn during air strikes.

Aled's favourite exhibit, of course, was this pilot's jacket. It's a bit worn and ragged but pretty cool, and let's face it, you wouldn't bat an eyelid if All Saints were selling one like this for £600!

One of the most fascinating set of images I came across was this display, demonstrating an early type of skin graft used on a soldier injured in battle. The middle photograph is particularly bizarre and really made an impact on me.

This Spitting Image puppet of Margaret Thatcher lingered at the end of the 'contemporary' part of the permanent collection, alongside some recent Sun newspapers about the Falklands. SHe looked so sinister in the halogen lamplit light, I had to get a photography!

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