Instamoments: July



Monthly instagram round up for the photos who never made it to instagram! I used to make the collages, it's probably the best online collage making application I have found, and trust me throughout my interning days, I've used a lot. Enjoy :)

From left to right: Tattoo print dress got it's first outing, I found myself a can of Belgian cherry beer that had gone missing so treated myself, The Disney pirate-themed meeting room!, A Mary Poppins quote on the walls of Laura's expansive office space, and the morning after a late night out in central London.

From top left: Sunset over Shadforth, and snaps from around Durham when it was still light. It's probably one of the most beautiful and quaint and quiet places I have ever been.

From upper left: The shot of the moon we got through the telescope, a riverside walk in Durham, moon location in progress, hanging baskets in the town centre.

From left: Roman coin belt from SheInside and Ben Simon dress, customised 'Kenzo' inspired shirt that I bought from a London charity shop, my hot pink ASOS tunic dress, posing with our Paper Skeleton, and my outfit for Pride London 2015.

From left: Aled and I at a wedding, Laura and I enjoying prosecco in the sun before I dashed off to get my train, our personalised champagne flutes, a gift from a family member (NB: Still no idea why men can't open up), and clown contouring attempt, which you can see in detail HERE.

From top left: This was a month of good food and relaxation. Charlie Bingham pie and sweet potato and mushroom, Room Service at the Southampton Hilton, chilling at said Hilton, the reception at said Hilton (with fish!!) and a much needed day of rest post-wedding.

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