Imperial War Museum / Lambeth


What do you mean 'the Imperial War Museum isn't a great place for a date'? I disagree. I was especially pleased to see that the IWM had some more recent exhibits, including artifacts from the 'war on terror' in which we are, arguably, involved right now.

They also had an entire floor dedicated to the holocaust and to the second world war, which is always a very difficult historical event to process, but I really believe it's imperative to educate further generations about what has happened, in order that we might try to avoid repeating our appalling mistakes. 

It was stunningly sunny, as you can see from the pictures, so we stopped for ice cream in the gardens surrounding the IWM afterwards. It was needed after some of the hard hitting exhibits. I particularly enjoyed the top floor that was an exhibit on the nature of courage, which had some amazing tales of bravery, including a couple of women.

This embroidered bed sheet documented life in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

One of my favourite exhibits was this van used to transport journalists in war zones. It just didn't seem as far removed from what we know of war as some of the exhibits.

A slab of the Berlin Wall stands outside the main door of the museum.

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