Durham Overnight Pt 2


Some more photographs of the beautiful Durham for you to enjoy today! 

The little streets remind me of some parts of Norwich, another town in England that I adore and could easily see myself living in.

This bridge had a stunning view over the river. We did wonder how much of a hazard it was to people coming home from a night out on The Lash... that's a long way down!

Aled working his street style look in a Steve McQueen Barbour jacket and Ralph Lauren shorts. #whiteboy

The house where we stayed had this gorgeous set up in our guest room. The view is amazing enough, but the telescope actually allowed us to look at the surface of the moon in the evening when darkness fell! I managed to get a very bad image on my iPhone, which will be up in my July Instamoments post a little later on.

Bye bye The North! Until September :)

PS. Does anyone know if there's a reason that The Angel of The North looks like an old plane? I always assumed it was an intentional reference. Comment below...

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