Car Boot Haul: Journey to Bordeaux!


I guess this post got lost in my sea of drafted entries, because this should have gone up a month ago! Oh well, my family are very committed car booters as you may well know, so when I got an afternoon flight from Bordeaux airport back to Birmingham, they decided that our morning would be filled with VIDE GRENIERS. Despite the rain, I believe we made it to three separate sales before we had to get lunch (Buffalo Grill... questionable decor but edible) and I had to board my flight.

These little cuties are some of my favourite ornaments ever. I'm not sure what they are meant to be, aside from the fact that I have decreed them to be GOBLIN CATBABIES. I think these were 2 EUR each, and they're going to sit on my mantelpiece in France for ever and ever.

This is... a dragon made of wires. I'm not sure why I bought this, other than a) it was 50 cents and b) we have a shrimp made in the same way back home. It's kind of funky though, and something tells me I won't be able to sell it on, so I suppose I am stuck with it!

Gorgeous Daniel Hechter silk tie with a classic car and light aircraft print. Unsurprisingly, I decided to give this to Aled as part of his birthday present, because it deserves to go to someone who will wear it and enjoy it. The colours are quite toned down too, so it's not too outlandish to be worn.

HAHAHA - this tie really killed me. I had to buy it as a novelty gift. Only somewhere in France could this be a thing! 

Silk Balmain tie, not crazy on the print so will try to sell on. It's just a bit too graphic for me.

Mum spotted this necklace, it had a bit of weight to it and it's quite a current style, with the mismatching but chunky stones. I think this piece was 3 EUR, Not sure yet if I will try and sell it on or not.

Another good designer buy! I bought this from a woman who was selling all her clothing items for a mere 2 EUR. It's an Antik Batik lace embellished top that would probably retail at around the 230 EUR mark. I will try and sell this piece on, it's in fantastic condition so should move fairly swiftly.

This is a personal buy for myself (excuse the creases, I didn't have my steamer with me!) and cost me the grand sum of 1 EUR. I think it's Pull & Bear and it's just a cute summery top to have down in France with me.

This dress is not by a brand I recognised but felt quite nice (potentially silk or silk mix) and I thought the pattern was quite appealing. I'll look up this brand one day when I am back down in Chateauneuf and determine whether I want to sell on or not. This was from the same woman as the Antik Batik top!

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