Babe Bible: A Goodbye Letter


Today I deactivated my Shopify account for Babe Bible and my associated Twitter and Facebook Pages. It was a tough decision but the choppily account was costing me 29 USD a month to run and bringing nothing in, and now that I have my final grade for Uni I could be sure that anyone who was grading my project had seen it.

I decided to do this because, having created Babe Bible as a brand as part of my Final Project at University, I realised that as an actual business, it was not scaleable and simply too complicated to run alongside full time education. Sourcing, photographing, marketing etc. would have taken too long to justify the small profits made.

However this has not been a meaningless exercise. Setting up Babe Bible as a simulation of a 'real start-up' taught me many lessons about business and specifically about social media marketing. I am going to write a separate post detailing these lessons later.

I really thoroughly enjoyed creating content for Babe Bible, and it has served as an invaluable experience and guided me to a more narrowed down career path of content creation and social media management, for which I hope my Masters degree at Newcastle University will adequately prepare me.

Babe Bible will live on as my little Etsy shop selling colourful vintage clothing from all epochs, which you can find HERE.

Stay tuned for a post about what I learned specifically from this project about internet marketing, and a big thank you to anyone who purchased from me or gave me a social media follow on any platform during this time!

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