S. Wales - Ashford Charity Shop Haul


I had to go to South Wales to see my grandmother last minute last Wednesday, so on the drive back home  I took advantage of the charity shop heavy British towns and stopped in Swindon and Ashford along the way. We also got to some shops around the Cardiff, Newport area but I've noticed that the quality of stock had gone down dramatically since last time I was there sourcing about a year ago, when I found some foo Gharani Strok for Debenhams and even some J. Crew! I did get a couple of pieces but nothing to shout about. I had more fun in the Matalan Clearance Outlet with it's 2-4-1 deals!

Charity shops on the whole are getting worse in the UK - the stock is increasingly just high street clearance or your standard high street crap, and good vintage is being sold off early. Prices are also going through the roof - British Heart Foundation now sells a pre-owned Primark dress at around 7.99 - that's probably how much it cost in the first place! What do you think? Are they still treasure-troves in your area or do you agree with me?

Silk Chinoiserie and rabbit fur gilet - 4.50 GBP
It's kind of an ironic buy. It's so bad I had to have it. I love rabbit fur, and rabbit fur dyed pink can only be a good thing. I'll probably never wear it, this piece belongs in a museum of bad taste anyway. I might mail it to Grayson Perry.

Graphic print Hobbs blouse - 1 GBP
This must be from Hobbs back in the day, because I don't see them working graphic print nylon anymore! Got it for resale because this is a very good brand. 

Love Label Printed midi dress - 6.50 GBP
Bought this in the House of Fraser outlet, which has a really good selection of cheap, tacky but colourful and fun party and wedding dresses. I won't wear this to any weddings but as I'm off to France in a week I thought an extra summer dress wouldn't hurt.

Vintage damart blouse - 3 GBP
Got this for resale. Damart isn't usually a) fun b) stylish c) sellable but I thought the oriental ceramic print on this was quite distinctive. I also enjoy the star on the back.

90s bardot crop top - 2.59 GBP
This was one of those 'it's so 90s and kitsch I have to have it' moments. I haven't tried it on yet but I think it will look quite cute when it's on hashtag ADORABLE.

Mock croc ankle boots - 2 GBP
These were from the Matalan sale and they are deliciously over the top. I'm not a huge fan of the heel that sort of flares out a bit and would prefer a straight up-and-down, but for a brand new pair of shoes (I have worn them since buying) for £2 I wasn't going to be fussy!

Total spend: 19.59 GBP or 27.47 EUR or 29.96 USD

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