My French Wardrobe


"Why would you need two wardrobes?" I hear you cry. Ah, well, the climates in France, Brussels and London are all varied and require different shapes, fabrics and textures. Did I say climate? I actually meant social attitudes. Brussels requires safe dressing unless you want to be harassed in the street (yes, really), London requires ostentation and theatricality, because let's face it, you have plenty of fashionistas to compete with in London, and France requires floaty florals because - IT'S SO WARM AND DRY. And a little traditional.

I'm taking my clothes down there in phases but eventually would like to have a fully 'functioning' wardrobe for my stays there (Before I start to sound lavish, when you pick up clothes as cheaply as I do, a 'fully functioning' wardrobe of clothes probably costs about 50 quid, which is what most people spend on a single pair of shoes. In the Zara sale) But here are some of my favourite countryside ready pieces that are lined up in Brussels waiting to be driven down! Note the distinctly pastel colour palette, it's the only way to subtly complement the 'greige' of the village houses.

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