MEGA Vintage Haul from Belgium!


Oh my god... it's a good job my parents just bought a house in France where floor space is cheap because I am rapidly (And I mean rapidly!) running out of any wardrobe space, vertical or otherwise, in our Brussels house...

As I've said before, the second hand shops in Brussels are that much better for a bargain and have a higher quality of stuff. I always used to complain about how unfashionable Belgium was as a country (no one seemed very interested in standing out) but now this disinterest in fashion, and specifically vintage fashion is working heavily to my advantage! 

All of these items are destined to be sold on my vintage shop on Etsy, which is currently looking very sparse as I prepare for ANOTHER move this summer (Down to Winchester to do my Masters degree - eeeee!). When I get back to London on the 16th/17th of June I will start listing again properly on Etsy, I've just been favouring my designer stock at the moment as that brings in the most profit. Enjoy my buys (:

Kello Egyptian Print Shirt
Oversized and funky print, I'll sell this item as a unisex piece.

60s Feather Print Wrap Top
This is the one item that I am keeping for myself personally, I just thought the print was really unique and it's a flattering wrap shape.

70s Paisley Shirt
Reminds me of a SEE by Chloe tunic I picked up once. More winter-y, so will time this sale to coincide with Autumn.

Krausz Print shirt
One of mum's finds, probably my favourite print of the mission. It's very creased in these pictures but it is a beautiful piece.

60s Summer Dress
This cute little dress will surely sell in summer, it's in fantastic condition and an on-trend hem-line length (which is useful because personally I don't actually alter the garments!)

Betty Barclay bookshelf print shirt
Wonderful book print shirt, reminds me of my cluttered house. I won't be letting go of this one easily!

80s Handmade Fishtail dress
Really don't know what this would look like on. Mum found it, and it is very well made even though it's been done by hand.

Cycling top
'For clubbing!' Mum said. I didn't argue with her. No but really, these graphic print 80s tops do seem to sell, and this one has a handy triple pocket in the back for clubbing essentials (ie, phone, drink, lipstick)

Leather mini with tie up sides
Okay, yes, it's tarty. But this whole ironic 90s thing is back (See Bella McFadden or 'internetgirl' on instagram). This piece may be basic, but it will probably sell. Also homemade as there's a cute plastic bead detail on the inside, nawhhhh.

70s Dinner table print pencil skirt
Reminded me of studying cubism in school. Cute colours, cuter print.

60s Egyptian inspired flapper girl top
The above title makes no sense, but I had no idea how to describe this image otherwise. I just think this top is so unique and quirky, and someone has to love it as much as I do!

70s Floral polyester shirt
I thought this print differed a bit from your standard 1970s floral, so I snapped it up. This is a winter piece because of the dark blacks and purples.

Uomo Di Mondo print shirt
Not a huge fan of the colour palette, makes me think of gross boring rails of 1980s mens short sleeves shirts available in every vintage shop under the sun BUT I am a sucker for any print involving buildings, and upon close inspection, this is a building print. Sorry.

1970s floral skirt
Nice hem-line for modern times, graphic print, and pleated. Simple but cute item, should make some money on it.

Hawaiian Shirt
I bought this Hawaiian inspired shirt because The Boyfriend wanted one, but it's quite big so I'm not sure it will fit him. Annoyingly we also found a really nice orange Ralph Lauren one with orchids but it was a women's one haha!

Another funky men's shirt. I'm not sorry. This does claim to be silk and is blatantly not though, but you can't blame the 'Thai Silk Company' for trying.

I LOVE this print and I actually think this is very on trend. Florals and patchwork and whatnot, very folksy.

'Dewvonshire Ladies' dress
Cute smock dress that reminded me of Valentino. Somebody has to have this, I would keep it but sadly it's too small for me :'(

This graphic tank is again, a print that I think wouldn't be out of place in a shop today. I like the tones too but I might keep this one for A/W.

I wasn't sure about this print initially, but I think with a pair of tight high waisted jeans and a leather waistcoat it could look modern. One has to treat carefully with ironic prints because it's a fine line between funky Londoner and 'clearly wearing a size 22 faded floral top their grandma tried to throw out'

If anything has ever screamed 'sent me to Helena of Sassyworld UK fame' it is this top. I might actually do so, it would be a tragedy for this to go to anyone but her.

I love this piece but will have to sell it at a low price as it has some small marks on it, still, the shape and print are very wearable so I hope someone can see past the small imperfections.

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