Local Charente Charity Shops Haul


We got so many cute things in the local charity shops (amongst them a branch called Terre et Soleil, and a chain that exists in the UK as well called Emmaus). Our best buy (mum spotted them!) were these little Limoges pill boxes, hand painted, except for the floral suitcase shaped one which is not signed. These tend to be listed on ebay around the 60$ to 100$ mark but we won't resell them, we may just gift them as they are very sweet and make fantastic 'trinkets.' My personal favourite buys are the floral tiered vintage dress, which is a very modern shape but is probably from the 1960s/70s and the Hermes style bracelet (Not actual Hermes, we did check, but it is leather and silver plated, so it's definitely a 'decent fake').

The best item in terms of resale value is the watch. We were actually given this item gratis because we did a big buy at the charity shop, and we looked up the brand and on Etsy there are some retailing at around 200 quid! But we haven't yet established the exact model's value etc. so we have to look into that.

I also nipped into Auchan (a huge supermarket) and got some KIKO lipsticks, I had one bright red lip/cheek tint from this brand that I bought years ago at an American outlet mall and I remembered how brilliant (and unmoveable) the pigment was. I got a nude-y pink and a light purple and they are AMAZING. I like them even better than my MAC Lipsticks, which dry out my lips really fast after a few hours of wear, this holds more like a balm and stays very bright as well. For 6.90€ you couldn't do better!

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