Instamoments: June Part 2


Mum saves every copy of The Sunday Times Style supplement for me, and that's why she's the best mum in the world.

Resisted buying this little guy at a Brocante in central Brussels, after all, I already have a fox standing on it's hind legs and who needs more than one of those?

That same brocante, and Brussels looking pretty. Could you believe that the trams were still running all day? They just sent out teenagers in neon clothing ahead of them to get people to move out of the way. Only in Belgium!

Rocking my new Versace shirt! (Another one of mum's finds.)

Pretty Belgian architecture in the centre.

Gucci being a beautiful sasspot.

Burnt out Vespa and bicycle in the Europesan quarter. I guess someone wasn't in a fantastic mood!

One of my oldest friends celebrated her 20th birthday, so we had a 'gouter' - meaning literally 'tasting' (ie. afternoon snack) that took us right back to our childhoods.

Confession: At said 'gouter' I spent most of the time cuddling her beautiful cat. His name is Cubo, and he is snuggly and majestic.

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