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So when I got back from Bordeaux I had that horrible feeling of having been unproductive for too long - so as soon as I got back down to London from Birmingham I resolved to spend my free time listing. I don't have what you would call an official 'job' in London, I used to help out at a swap shop every six weeks until I could no longer do so for medical reasons, and I write for this amazing website called Estilistas when I can, but my main income comes from my online selling!

Some people may not consider it a real job because I can do it from the comfort of my own bedroom, but it provides me with a very nice additional revenue stream that is desperately needed in a city which is so expensive. 

I decided to share my stock drops with blog readers for two reasons:

1) Anyone reading this blog probably has a keen interest in fashion

2) I sell on this website called BuyMyWardrobe, which I briefly interned at, and it's gaining popularity but it's still not HUGE, so I really want to help them and try and direct customers to them. I not only sell on their site, but I also buy from there and I have NEVER been disappointed. Also the website is so intuitively easy to use and so much more visually pleasing than ANY other resale site I have come across (Vestiarie Collective's product photography makes me feel ill.)

SO ANYWAY, they're a fantastic company - go and get yourself an account!

Vintage Celine silk scarf -  £40. Click HERE to buy!

Vintage floral pink tones scarf - £20. Click HERE to buy!

Moment by Moment Photographic print scarf - £30. Click HERE to buy!

Core Kemperman ruffle scarf - £25. Click HERE to buy!

Essentiel Girls wool scarf - £20. Click HERE to buy!

Cartier Chapellerie Lyon silk hunting scarf - £30. Click HERE to buy!

Vintage Lanvin silk scarf - £50. Click HERE to buy!

Liberty London velvet scarf - £25. Click HERE to buy!

Jacques Griffe vintage 70s silk scarf - £25. Click HERE to buy!

Oilily wool paisley scarf - £27. Click HERE to buy!

Banana Republic beige coat - £30. Click HERE to buy!

60s silk floral two piece - £80. Click HERE to buy!

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