Denicheur & Angouleme Brocante Haul Part 1


The 'Denicheur' translates to English as 'spotter' on the online dictionary, but I do believe it means 'Person who clears out houses' in this context. This place was a haven of junk! A haven! And the prices were some of the most reasonable I have seen. I've mixed in my resale items and stuff I bought for myself in this post because I didn't really have enough in terms of quantity to do two posts.

Cow-hide novelty mat in the shape of a card - 2 EUR
No idea if this is a place mat, or a small rug, or a wall hanging etc. but it was dead and furry so naturally I had to have it. I talked the guy down from 3 EUR but that's irrelevant because this would have been a bargain even for 3. It's very hunting lodge, but I'm going to leave it in France with my baby goat skin for the moment because  have no immediate use for it.

Floral vintage pillows - 4 EUR for the pair
I just really liked the colours on this floral print, and they match my room here really well!

Vintage ballet print - 3 EUR
I think my mum has some of these back in Brussels in her study. I just thought this was really sweet, and it's all framed up, so for 3 euros I had to have it. I think I'll display this in my room in France because it's got those hazy summery colours that suit the Charente region more than they suit the centre of Brussels.

Cop Copine Blazer - 2 EUR
Not a fan of this AT ALL - but it's a very good Parisian brand that's quite edgy (but not edgy in a cool way, edgy in a 'lets distress this and charge 200 EUR for it!' way) So this is going straight on the resale pile.

Zara Tartan and floral slip dress - 1 EUR
This thing is an absolute beauty BUT it's a Zara size XS. So that makes it a size 0 or something crazy like that. I tried to get it on, but couldn't move it past my hips or over my shoulders - yes, I tried it on from both ends... Sadly I'll have to put this to resell!

Zara floral top - 1 EUR
This DID fit me luckily! Weirdly though, it was also an XS. I'm sure I saw this in store a few seasons ago and loved it as well. I love it when I'm rewarded for my patience. :)

Cop Copine Angel print mesh shirt - 1 EUR
Another Cop Copine gem, but this is a piece I actually like that I think its quite wearable. Still undecided as to whether I resell this or wear it myself, I do find these mesh tops are quite bad in warm weather, so if I do keep it I will probably bring it to the UK with me.

Miss Sixty floral dress - 2 EUR
Extra small, sweet little dress in very good condition. Miss Sixty is one of those weird designers that pops up a lot, but much of their stuff is too 'Guess in the 90s' to actually sell on or even wear. Still, This dress is a simple piece but very sellable so I'll be passing this one on!

Mim abstract brush strop shift top - 1 EUR
I do believe this is a rather shameless copy of a Zara design, which is turn was shamelessly copied from a catwalk somewhere. I'm keeping this one for me, I need some 'plain' stuff (yeah, this is as close to plain colours as I get) to wear with my really crazy colourful pieces.

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