Chateauneuf-sur-Charente Vide Greniers Thrift Haul!


I know, it's terrible. Any time I spend a few days with my parents (especially if it's over a weekend) I come with them to all the car boot sales. Going down to France was no exception, as the 'Vide Greniers' (Literally, cellar clear-outs) are scattered around the small villages on Saturdays and Sundays. The weather was gorgeous so I was happy to go out, after our moving van had been emptied out. We didn't go to any stand-out events, and they were all quite small, but I came home with a decent selection of things, my favourite pieces are the hoof coat hooks which would cost an absolute fortune in a Shoreditch Antiques boutique!

This printed blouse isn't branded and has shoulder pads that I will take out, but I just thought it was quite a unique print and quite a wearable piece. I bought it for €1 and will probably sell it on.

This is a brand new dress and looks like it was straight out of Zara. It's pretty poor material but a nice loose shape, with a back cut-out and fringed sleeves. This was just €2 and brand new! Bargaiiiiiiin.

This cute stretchy top with photographic rose print is so tacky and 90s and a bit Cavalli. It cost me €1 and I haven't actually tried it on yet, I think it may be a bit tight for me so this may go to be resold on Etsy.

Vintage Damart 1980s blouse. Bargained this down to €1, its not a great material BUT I absolutely loved the print and it's Damart which is quite a decent German brand. I'll sell this one or keep it in France to wear if I ever come down in Winter!

Okay these were my best buys. €4 for the pair and they're in fantastic condition! I'm going to try and take these back to London with me, even though they do really look great on the mantelpiece here. I basically collect anything dead that's vintage, so these are an addition to my cut-price taxidermy collection, which at the moment features a fox, a crow, an otter, a ferret, a chick, and a baby owl!

The second dead thing I bought today was this baby goat skin. It was €1!!! I still can't get over this. I'll leave this in France as it looks nice on the dark wood floor, but it is a bit too small to be an actual rug. It's more for aesthetic value, and furriness factor.

Hahaha, I had to buy this dress because it was €2, the woman at the stand was so nice, and it's sort of excellent despite being awful. I think I could sell this on because it's a very good quality piece of gothwear, but I also may keep it as a possible Halloween costume option.

This jumper was technically my mother's buy, she bought it as a gift for my grandma who loves bright colourful clothes. It was quite funky though so I had to include it!

Pierre Charrier silk floral scarf - the only vaguely 'designer' item from today. It's a lovely quality silk scarf, very creased right now but will look much nicer once it has been steamed. It cost me €2 and I will resell it.

My mum also bought some jewelry from the Charity stand, of which two brooches and a scarf pin are shown below. I think my favourite is the Art Nouveau inspired brooch below, and mum thinks the ladbird might be Swarovski. I'll probably sell these on at some point as the only jewelry I tend to wear myself is rings. 

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