Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul - Personal Swag!


Irie Print t-shirt - 2 EUR / RRP 120 EUR
This print jumped aout at me from a pile of clothes and I grabbed it before anyone else spotted it. Not only is this t-shirt from a good brand (Irie) but its my size and one of the best prints I think I have ever seen. I will not be letting anyone else get their hands on this!

Check print shirt - 1 EUR / RRP 10 EUR
This just a crap high street brand, and it's polyester, but it was to bulk out a buy and bring me up to 5 EUR so I could get rid of a note. It's quite simple and classic though, the sleeves are actually navy blue instead of black.

Irie tube print skirt - 2 EUR / RRP 60 EUR
Another Irie find from the same seller! This tube skirt is such a gorgeous print and has sold SECOND HAND on Vestiaire Collective for 50 quid. I don't usually 'do' body-con but I have to make an exception.

Patrizia Pepe gold leather shorts - 5 EUR / 518 EUR
These are the softest buttery leather, I had to have them. Again, they're very short, but for summer I decided to YOLO it on the hem-line front. If not when you're 20, then when?! Similar leather shorts retail on their site for over 500 EUR, so I was very pleased indeed to pick these up for 5.

Desigual maxi-dress - 6 EUR
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned, and paid for Desigual. To be fair though, it doesn't look like Desigual. It's a standard up and down maxi-dress and pretty perfect for summer.

Chanel sunglasses - 5 EUR
These are real and so glam. Just take me to Aspen, I've got the wardrobe for it now...

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