Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul - Personal Swag Part 2!


More buys from Sunday's big market in central Brussels! I've put more of the items that I bought for my own personal use here, alongside their RRPs.

Unbranded sunglasses - 1 EUR / RRP ??
These aren't branded but I needed some new sunglasses (The one's I've been wearing are from a Tatler giveaway and are so damaged already!) I grabbed these for a euro and I really like them, they're classic retro oversize shades in a tortoiseshell pattern. I'll probably keep these in Brussels because they're quite a classic design and would go with anything.

Princesse Tam Tam camisole - 1 EUR / RRP 50
I have a bit of a thing for posh pyjamas. If I ever see any designer sleepwear I try and grab it, especially if it looks quite new. This camisole is in very good condition and from Princesse Tam Tam, a pricey sleepwear and underwear brand that always has really girly prints and comfy materials. Their camisoles are even more expensive than their bras on their online shop, so I'm pleased about this buy.

Simona Barbieri tank top - 1 EUR / RRP 80 EUR
This top was so noughties and reminded me of a t-shirt I used to own of the virgin Mary in heart shaped sunglasses, ha! Simona Barbieri is an expensive French brand so I can sell on this top if I ever get bored of it.

Princesse Tam Tam bra - 1 EUR / RRP 45 EUR
I don't really mind buying second hand bras and bikini tops, especially if they are good brands, because unless they are very worn out it is probably that someone has purchased it and it simply hasn't fit them properly. I bought this for a euro on a whim and it turns out it fits, and that's great because Princess Tam Tam is one of my favourite lingerie brands that I can't afford. It's girly and simple and comfy.

The Dude print men's shirt - 2 EUR / RRP ??
I was a little miffed because the men selling this amazing shirt didn't mention when I paid for it that it had a big hole in the side (it's generally common courtesy to point these things out, even at car boot sales) but the print is so busy I figured I could probably wear it anyway with a top underneath and no one would notice. This is a Flemish men's brand so it fits me in an oversized way and the sleeves are too long, but I thought the print was too quirky to pass up on. I can't find anything about this brand on the internet so I have no idea what this piece is worth :(

Total spent: 6 EUR 
Total saved: 169 EUR

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