Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul - Designer Resale Part 3!


Cacherel floral shirt - 3 EUR / 150 EUR
I'm not sure what happened to Cacherel - I've found so much of their stuff on flea market stalls recently! This floral shirt is really feminine and pretty but I noticed afterwards there is discolouration on the shoulders. I'll sell this at a cut price, if at all :(

Tara Jarmon silk dress - 2 EUR / RRP 275 EUR
Loved this piece, very simple and 60s so on-trend. I also really fell for the diamante buckle at the front, which is a hint of bling.

Moschino silk blouse BNWT - 2 EUR / RRP 337 EUR
I do love a new price tag... I hope to get at least 100 EUR for this item as it's in perfect condition. Moschino is such a fun label that seems to be becoming really popular so I hope that works in my favour!

Vintage italian silk shift dress - 2 EUR / RRP ??
A woman saw me rootling around a pile of clothes in my pink paisley coat and handed me this dress, saying 'this is very YOU!' so I had to have it! I love this dress, but I have so many similar retro silk dresses that I decided I would try and sell this piece first.

Agnes B. silk shirt - 4 EUR / RRP 50 EUR
I love this piece, but it's slightly too girly for me. It's delicate and silky, and I can really see someone wearing it with boyfriend jeans and crisp white trainers! I can't find any Agnes B silk tops online that aren't pre-owned, but trust me on this one, it's a good brand.

D&G Camisole - 1 EUR / RRP 90 EUR
I've sold some D&G sleepwear before so I grabbed this for a euro, sadly it's a little too small for me to keep to myself!

Total spent: 14 EUR
Total saved: 888 EUR

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