Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul - Designer Resale Part 2!


Just a little note - The RRP represents what items similar to the item shown (ie same brand , material, garment) are retailing for BRAND NEW. RRP for vintage items indicates what similar pieces are retailing for SECOND HAND on specialist vintage sites.

Retro floral jacket - 2 EUR / RRP 30 EUR
I initially bought this for myself but when I tried it on it was just a little bit too boxy for my broad shoulders and flat chest. Onto the resale pile it goes! It's a nice retro piece in very good condition so I'm sure I can get 25 GBP for it. I checked out Beyond Retro and they seem to be selling similar items around the 25-30 GBP mark.

Thakoon wool jacket - 3 EUR / RRP 500 EUR
I personally don't like this jacket, Mum spotted it. It is a designer though, and wool. I had a look on google and even PRE-OWNED Thakoon jackets are retailing for 400 USD and up. So it was a good bhuy, even though I think it looks a bit 'Big Bird from Sesame Street' myself.

Alpaca Camargo beige scarf - 2 EUR / RRP 24 EUR
This is a 100% alpaca wool scarf. I have sold a navy version of this before for 15 GBP so for 2 little euros I picked this one up. I do like the beige and it has a small mark on it so if I can't clean it I will just wear it myself.

Vintage Miss Dior Blouse - 2 EUR / RRP 35 EUR
So crumpled! It does have some marks too but I think with a bit of TLC this item could scrub up well. And it is vintage Dior, which I'm never going to turn down for a euro. I have a suspicion this piece may be nightwear, they seem to retail at around 30 GBP on Vintage resale sites. I might have to settle for less due to the condition.

Maison Scotch check blazer - 2 EUR / RRP 120 EUR
I love this blazer mainly for the gorgeous star print lining. Maison Scotch is a very preppy brand but their stuff is always very well made. I need to give it a steam though :(

Thierry Mugler 80s pink bow two-piece - 4 EUR / RRP 500 EUR
This was probably my favourite piece of the day, well two-piece! It's so 80s, and so retro, and so amazing. I can't believe we got this for four euros. I hope someone loves it and buys it, because it's not neccessarily werable, but it is a small slice of fashion history. This probably originally retailed at somewhere close to 1000 EUR for both pieces, but nowadays I would expect maybe somewhere around 100 GBP for it.

Liu Jo Leather jacket - 2 EUR - 260 EUR
Thsi leather jacket is in impeccable condition and is real leather. I hope it can find a nice home, it's a great piece but it's just not my style!

Total spent: 17 EUR
Total saved: 1452 EUR

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