11 Thoughts a Eurobrat Has When Coming Home For The Summer


On the road again...

1. *checks into St. Pancras International on Facebook*

2. I hope I don't bump into that girl from the Language 4 again and have to make polite conversation the whole way home.

3. I can't wait to taste real beer again.

4. I can't wait to be an entire sea away from a bottle of Frosty Jacks.

5. I wonder if I get home in time to pop into town tonight.

6. Why isn't there a french word for Banter.

7. *makes a bee-line for M&S food for 'train snacks totalling about 30 pounds in value. Note to self, the Eurostar journey takes just over two hours and probably doesnt require two tubs of brownie bites and a teriyaki chicken salad.*

8. *Sees Le Pain Quotidien and gets emosh*

9. *Then gets smug about being able to correctly pronounce Le Pain Quotidien*
10. Now, which of my passports will get me through Border Control the fastest?

12. Is it wrong to feel secretly self satisfied that I can greet both Border Control forces in their native languages?

11. "Am I required by law to declare this small fortune of M&S food my mum asked me to bring back for her at customs?" (NB: There is now an M&S in Brussels, expat mums rejoice, expat children breathe a sigh of relief for no longer having to lug glass 2 litre bottles of cloudy lemonade home.)

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