Escape to Cornwall


There are certain advantages to dating a pilot, one of which is TRAVEL with HOTELS yo!

So I decided to come along during Annual Refresher Training (I got prematurely excited when the word 'ART course was uttered... no painting here) and crack on with uni work during the day in the hotel room and then have a bit of a sight see around Cornwall when we were both free.

Aside from a fairly depressing lonesome meal in the Hampton by Hilton restaurant, we actually spent a lot of time together, and went into Exeter centre for dinner at Coal and Wagamama's respectively. We also got all the way down to Newquay to see some friends, which was fantastic because apart from taking an 8 hour coach trip (and I'm not sure I would take an 8 hour coach trip for anyone) or a very expensive train, it had been impossible for me to get down to Cornwall.

Driving down to Newquay in the sun

I didn't take my actual DSLR camera OR any film camera, so apologies for most images being poor quality and shot over the dashboard of the car!

Palm Trees were spotted.

Aled outside the Milber Guest House where we stayed - it was no frills but an adequate place to crash after drinking too much in town!

Walking off a hangover in the cold.

I'm a bit of a sucker for seafront hotels that look like they have had their day. This one wasn't suitably delapidated for me, but I liked the ironwork anyway.

My beautiful Cornish friend Jale at mini golf, looking adorable. 

We ate lunch at Lenniwick Lodge, which has to be one of the most beautifully placed restaurants I have ever been to! The views from the balcony of the sea were stunning, even when it got cold and the fog began to roll in. Lenniwick Lodge doubles as a boutique hotel and has a very reasonably priced menu of classic gasto-pub fare.

See? Even foggy it was stunning!

My view from the hotel room was overlooking the runway at exeter airport (yes, there's a runway in that picture, I promise) and I spent a while trying to get a picture of an incoming plane, but then I realised I was essentially plane-spotting and everyone knows how uncool that is, so I stopped.

One evening we took a drive down to Budleigh Salterton to sit on the (very pebbly) beach. The trees and orange fields looked like they'd be more at home on the Serengeti!

The skies were insanely clear, and despite how uncomfortable the rocks were to sit on, we decided to stay until the sun had firmly set.

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