Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul


Going back to Brussels for ANOTHER (yes, another) hospital follow up appointment means just one thing: BELGIAN CAR BOOT SALES. Which are the best in Europe, I'll have you know. Today we went to three different sales but our main haul was with a woman whose stall was just a wooden table with a mountain of clothes on it - it didn't look like there was much on there but we had a look and found a goldmine of retro designer clothes - from Versace (not pictured here) to Cacherel! And each item was just one euro (80p to you Brits).

Vintage silk graphic print pussy-bow blouse - 1 EUR
Very on-trend with the graphic floral print. I'll probably sell this on because I'm not a huge fan of stylized prints.

Vintage ETRO men's swimming shorts - 1 EUR
Literally love these but probably a bit gross. I'll cut out the inner netting. Anyway for a euro I had to buy them for the brand alone.

Diesel wallet - 2 EUR
Needed a new wallet because my DKNY one is too stiff and my New Look crap one is so worn out. Saw this and loved the print, it's also unused and probably cost about 70 euros, so it was a bargain.

Cacherel men's shirt - 1 EUR
ALED DON'T LOOK. Going to give these to The Boyfriend if they fit him because I love the print, but they do seem a little big. These are unworn.

Ventilo Silk top - 1 EUR
Bought this because it's an expensive Italian brand and it's 100% silk, i'm not a fan of the print though so I will be selling this on.

Cacherel men's shirt - 1 EUR
Love this shirt so much, again I'll see if The Boyfriend wants it.

Escada cane print silk shirt - 1 EUR
I adore vintage Escada. I'll sell this on because I have a million shirts like it, but for 1 euro I wasn't going to walk away.

Total spend: 8 EUR or 5.71 GBP or 8.73 USD

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