Brussels Car Boot Sale Haul - Designer Resale!


SO this morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7.30am (it hurt, it really did) BUT this was not a fruitless move. My mother and I had one of the best (I think!) hauls we have ever had! We just kept going around and around and finding more and more stuff. The haul was so big that I have split it into several posts, and I've separated the items I bought to resell from the items I am keeping for myself personally. Enjoy!

Miss Sixty Cardigan - 1 EUR / RRP 65 EUR
The design on this piece is not what I would call fashionable, but I needed another item to make up a 5 EUR lot and I saw this and thought it was quite sweet. This will hopefully be bought by somebody who has a penchant for early noughties Kenzo, because that's what it reminded me of!

Gigue Silk Skirt - 1 EUR / RRP 159 EUR
Gigue is one of those little known brandsw that's quite pricey and often turns up in car boot sales. Again this skirt is pretty but doesn't particularly inspire me. I'll list this for sale on a designer resale site and hope to make around 20 EUR profit on it.,

Jackpot silk skirt - 1 EUR / RRP 100 EUR
Another one euro buy from the same woman! Jackpot is a label thast seems to have disappeared, but they're a bit like Boden, just even more posh. The skirt is very crumpled but given a good steam would be quite a classic statement piece. Also stripes come around every year don't they?

Vintage 80s leather skirt - 1 EUR / 30 EUR
Had to have this for a euro. It's such a statement piece, but I already have a similar leather pencil skirt in a dark black (this one is a dark bottle green.) I hope I'll sell this, but the images don't do the beautiful soft leather texture any justice at all. It's unbranded so I can't figure out it's exact RRP but I often see these skirts in high end vintage shops for around 30-40 EUR.

Calvin Klein nightie - 1 EUR / RRP 40 EUR
This nightie takes the biscuit for 'most creased item' - I haven't steamed anything yet! Brand name sleep wear is something I have sold in the past, whilst I probably won't make much on this item, it's quite simple and classic and seems pretty unworn.

Paul & Joe Sister silk shirt-dress - 3 EUR / RRP 195 EUR
I paid a little more for this gorgeous bandanna print shirt because it was in fantastic condition and very on-trend. I'm a huge paisley fan and this shirt was the perfect blend of smart and casual.

Total spent: 8 EUR
Total saved: 581 EUR

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