Brussels Charity Shop Haul Part 3


I love this fishtail skirt, but god knows when I'm going to wear it. The print is slightly vaginal when looked at sideways, so I might save it for a feminist art gallery opening.

I LOVE this dress so much. It's a silk shift dress in a gorgeous plant print, and it's very on trend. I'll probably wear this in winter with black opaque tights. Excuse the 'I need a wee' pose, I really haven't mastered the art of casual outfit shots.

Skirt and top combo that I probably wouldn't wear in practise, but I like the colours.The skirt by itself is very Barbie Collection by Moschino, in a good way.

I have a weakness for screen printed 1970s polyester shirts - and this is going in my own personal hall of fame. I actually have a very similar print shirt dress of this, so now I get to multiply the persian princes prints in my wardrobe.

I came across this dress when I was browsing through Summer Wedding options. This is very Jackie-O, and really beautifully detailed - but would not survive a red wine spillage (which, let's face it, is likely to happen)

This city print wraparound dress lingers in my summer wardrobe and rarely gets worn. So I travelled home in it and now it's with me in London, it's just really comfy.

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