Brussels Charity Shop Haul Part 2


So comes the second part of mother's haul for me in the Brussels second hand shops... I think my favourite of all her pieces is the Monet print maxi-skirt, which I can't wait to wear this summer. I'm a bit obsessed with any clothes covered in an art print, because I'm such a fan of colour and texture and ideally I would just wear acrylic paint print. My second favourite was without a doubt the colourful Kimono (possible summer wedding wear?) which you could wear open with a casual outfit underneath or as an ankle length dress.

This slinky black dress (and yes, by slinky I mean "probably too small for me right now") is Moschino Cheap and Chic, which mum picked up for about 14 EUR (so about 10 quid!) and I adore it, the back detail is really lovely and it's all very gothic italian riviera.

This kimono is absolutely everything! I love how graphic the print is, which stops it from looking too traditional (I tend to get shouted at on the internet for cultural appropriation on a semi-regular basis)

This little retro (70s, I think) top is quite of the moment with the split shoulders and cropped style. I'll probably wear it with high waisted jeans because it does look a bit 'gamboling through the prairie' when paired with a long skirt.

And Part 3 will be the final instalment of this one haul (yes, trust me, there was a mountain of clothes waiting in my bedroom when I got home).

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