Brussels Charity Shop Haul Part I


As I may have mentioned earlier, my lovely mother likes to keep an eye out for great finds in the belgian charity shops whilst I'm at University in London. This means that every time I go back home for the holidays it's like Christmas - and I end up drowning in bargains. I keep whatever fits me for myself, and everything else become stock for my vintage site (which will hopefully be fully operational around May this year!)

1. Paul and Joe Sister Asymmetrical Floral Silk Skirt

This piece is rather feminine, but I liked the asymmetrical hemline and I liked how it fell on my non-existant hips. I had to rescuse it, also I'm going to a summer wedding in the following months and this is a strong contender as part of an outfit...

2. Vintage 70s Geometric Print Maxi Skirt (A-Line)

My mum said this reminded her of Missoni, and I couldn't agree more! We aren't usually fans of geometric prints but I think the soft colour pallette and blurred edges make it a bit friendlier on the old retinas. It's acrylic (or maybe viscose, I can never tell the difference) but it is very soft and comfortable to wear so I don't mind how high waisted it is.

3. Vintage 1960s Rope Print Wraparound Skirt

One of my favourite pieces from the haul I think, quite understated but very on-trend with the graphic edge. The skirt length is a bit out-dated but I quite liked the look of this outfit as a whole, with the cracked paint print Zara t-shirt and chunky silver platforms.

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